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Secure FTP

Secure FTP Downloads

Our secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) stores your files safely while they await your download.


You may choose to download your files from us instead of, or in addition to, receiving CDs. We will create a folder for your precious audio memories and then “zip” the folder up into a single file.  


We will then send an email to your preferred address with the download link. Then you can download all you files at once with a single mouse click.


Once your zipped file is downloaded, double-click the file and your operating system will start the unzip process. You may also right-click and select “open with” if there is a specific program you use to unzip files.


If you are having trouble, below are some free alternative programs for unzipping files.

Note: Your computer should already have a program to unzip files. Only use the options below if double-clicking on your zipped file will not open it.



Universal Extractor will unzip nearly any file. That is all it does.

Download Universal Extractor

7-Zip will zip and unzip files .

Download 7-Zip


ZipEgg will zip and unzip files on the Mac platform.

Download ZipEgg