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Cassette Tapes

Speak House Audio Transfers-Cassette Tapes

60 minute and smaller cassette tapes will fit on one CD – $20

90/100/120 minute cassette tapes will require two CDs – $25

We will transfer one side per CD.

These rates also apply to micro-cassettes and DAT tapes.

Save Money With MP3 Files!!

If you prefer MP3 files over CDs, your 90 minute cassettes will be at the 60 minute price!

Cassette Review – $10

If you simply want to find out what is on your cassette tapes and then do not want them transferred, a review fee of $10 per cassette will apply.

If you decide to have the audio transferred, the normal rates above will apply instead.

Compiling – $10 per source

If requested, we will compile your cassette tapes to reduce the number of CDs for your transfer, without interrupting sides, at an additional fee of $10 per source.

For example: If the total audio from three 60 minute cassettes is only 70 minutes, one CD can be used at a rate of $20 for the first cassette plus $10 for each additional cassette that will fit on that CD. ($40 total)

Cassette Repair – $20

If your cassette needs to be repaired before we can begin the transfer, please allow an additional fee of $20.

If your cassette has screws holding the case together, we may be able to use the same case. If so, your repair will be $10.

Speak House Audio Transfers-Cassette Repair

Volume Discounts = $ Saved!

Volume Discount for 10 to 49 cassettes:

60-minute cassette $15

90-minute cassette $20

Volume Discount for 50 to 99 cassettes:

60-minute cassette $12

90-minute cassette $15

Volume Discount for 100 to 199 cassettes:

60-minute cassette $10

90-minute cassette $12

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