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Reel To Reel Tapes

Reel to Reel Tapes Transfer

Digitize Reel-to-Reel Tapes

Less than 80 minutes – $30

More than 80 minutes – $40


Then choose CDs or a USB Flash Drive for your digitized audio.


CDs are an additional $8 per disc.

80 Minute and longer reels will require 2 or more CDs.


A USB Flash Drive will hold all of your reels as mp3 files – $18


Tape Review – $10


If you simply want to find out what is on your tape and then do not want it transferred,

a review fee of $10 per tape will apply.

If you decide to have the audio transferred, the normal rates above will apply instead.

Volume Discounts = $ Saved!


Take an additional $5 off each reel if you have 5 or more reels to transfer.

(Does not apply to tape review)


Reel to Reel Tapes Come With Many Variables


For 1/4 inch reel to reel tapes there are 4 main speeds:

15 ips (inches per second)

7 -1/2 ips

3 -3/4 ips

1 -7/8 ips

At the slower speeds, you can fit many hours of audio on a single reel.

There are also different track configurations such as half track and quarter track,

depending on the type of machine used for the recording.

Half-track or two track machines can record two mono signals or one stereo signal.

One mono track (or channel) can be recorded to one-half of the tape in one pass,

and another to the other half of the tape in a second pass after turning the tape over.

So you can have two mono tracks, one on each half of the tape.Audo Transfers Reel to Reel 2 track mono

A stereo signal can be recorded to both halves of the tape at the same time.

You do not turn the tape over.Audio Transfers Reel to Reel 2 Track Stereo

Quarter track or 4 track machines can record 4 mono signals or two stereo signals.

One track can be recorded to one-quarter of the tape in one pass.

You can then turn the tape over and record to a second quarter of the tape.

Repeat two more times and you will have 4 mono tracks on 4 different quarters of the tape. Audio Transfers Reel to Reel 4 Track Mono

Or you can record a stereo signal to one-half of the tape (two-quarters),

and another stereo signal to the other half, (the other two-quarters).Audio Transfers Reel to Reel 4 Track Stereo

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