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Our Story Began Many Years Ago


As a production facility, Speak House Audio has had the opportunity to transfer all kinds of audio for tens of thousands of projects. We have made it our mission to provide the best technical and personal customer service for transferring tape to the digital format.

As employees of the former Lambchops Studios (est. 1977), we jumped at the chance to purchase the company when it was offered. Over the past 20 years, tape to digital transfer has become a main branch of our operation.

With nearly 40 years in the Phoenix area, we have become experts in the field of tape transfer. We are not just a startup company that allows unattended machines to try and handle all their work for them.

Every transfer is carefully and personally attended to by a professional audio engineer with decades of real world experience.

Susan Bolin is Your Point of Contact


Susan has been in a managerial position for 30+ years. With senior longevity in the company, she is all knowing about all matters. A pure joy to talk with on the phone, Susan will take great care of you and every aspect of your order.

Friendly, personable and overextending are just a few of the many attributes that customers appreciate about her bubbling personality. You will feel as though you are talking with an old friend.

Jim Sherry is Head of the Technical Department


Jim personally oversees every transfer job to ensure that it is done right. Jim’s love of audio from an early age drove him to pursue a Master Recording degree from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.

With a professional background in audio recording and mixing, Jim enjoys every aspect of the process and has vowed to transfer every tape in America!

Jim celebrates 25 years with the company in August 2021.