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Compact Disc-CD

Speak House Audio Transfers-Compact Disc

Creating a new CD master or mp3 files from  CD or other digitally sourced disc – $20

A compact disc-CD is already in a digital format, so the process of transferring, copying or compiling from them is less time consuming.

Additional CD Copies – $8

If you want additional copies of your audio transfer for friends or family members, please allow an additional $8 per CD.

USB Flash Drive – $18

After converting your digital materials to mp3, we can put them on a USB Flash Drive at $18 per drive.

Compiling – $5 per source

If you would like tracks from multiples CDs compiled to one CD, add an additional fee of $5 per source.

For example: If the total audio from 3 CDs is only 70 minutes, they will fit on one new master CD at a rate of $20 for the first CD transfer plus $5 for each additional CD source. 

Tracking – $15

Most of your original CDs will already be tracked, but if they are not and you wish to apply tracking, please add an additional $15 per remastered CD.

Volume Discounts = $ Saved!

If you have 10 or more CDs to transfer or compile to new CDs 

you will save $5 on each new master.


New masters from 10 or more CD sources – $15

(Plus $5 per source when compiling)

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