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Monthly Archive: June 2019

Reel to Reel Tape to CD

Transferring Reel to Reel Tape To CD

Transferring Reel to Reel Tape To CD Evelyn called us about transferring her reel to reel tape to CD. It is a recording of her late husband that she wanted copies of for her daughter, who had never heard her…
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Best Place to Transfer 8-Track to CD

Need To Transfer 8-Track to CD? Ruth has an old 8-track tape of her favorite music. But she has no way of listening to it. She was looking for the best place to transfer 8-track to CD. After months of…
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Cassettes to CD for Singer-Songwriter

Cassettes to CD for Steve's story

Finding Old Gems If you’re a singer-songwriter, there’s a good chance you have some old cassettes with your early work that you want to be transferred to CD. That was Steve’s story. Steve had 3 cassettes that contained songs that…
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