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Best Place to Transfer 8-Track to CD

Need To Transfer 8-Track to CD?

Ruth has an old 8-track tape of her favorite music. But she has no way of listening to it. She was looking for the best place to transfer 8-track to CD.

After months of research and not finding anyone that could help her, the great people at iMemories recommended Speak House Audio Transfers. When we received Ruth’s tape, we quickly realized that, even if she had an 8-track player, she would not be dancing any time soon. 

Ruth’s Tape Had Problems

As with most 8-track tapes, the padding behind the tape that keeps the tape snug against the heads was long worn away. The tape was also twisted in the case with the wrong side exposed to the play head.

Not To Worry, We Can Fix Things

We replaced the padding behind the tape to make sure it had good pressure during playback. We also pulled the entire tape out of the casing and re-wound it back on the spool correctly. A job that is not for the faint-of-heart.

Once the tape was back together, we were ready for the transfer to our digital platform. Tapes in 8-track format are tricky. You just don’t know where they are going to start when inserted into the player. Rather than try to fast forward or repeatedly change programs to find the beginning, we let it run it’s course right where it starts. Then we digitally find the beginning and put it back in order. This put much less stress on the tape during the process.

When transferring any tape, it is always best to make one pass, if you can.

Adding program numbers for each song was a nice, finishing touch to Ruth’s new CD. She was so thrilled, she ordered five more copies for her family members. If you’re looking for the best place to transfer 8-track to CD, we’re here to help.


  1. Barbara

    yes i would be interest in knowing more

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Barbara,

      You can contact us at our office number 602-279-0900.


  2. Marylynn Mattauch

    I have an 8track tape of my late brothers wedding and I would like to convert it into 2 CD’s for his sons.How much would this cost?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Marylynn,

      Please give us a call at 602-279-0900 to discuss your 8-track transfer.



  3. Lynda Kosydar

    My brother-in-law made an 8-track for us using his Wolfman Jack imitation voice and we would like to have it converted onto a CD. It was a wedding gift to us back in 1981. Now his widow Angela has probably forgotten all about it and we would love to present her with this priceless memory of her late husband. We would also like to have the original returned to us as he covered it with pictures and listed all his favorite songs from that year in his own handwriting. Please tell me how to send it and the cost. Thanks, Lynda

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Lynda,
      Most 8-TRK tapes need to be repaired before we can transfer them. If so, the repair is $20. Transferring the tape into out system is $50 plus the media you want the audio on. CDs are $5 each and a USB flash drive is $15. We will send your original tape back with your shipment.

      You can find instructions on sending your tape to us here: https://speakhouseaudiotransfers.com/how-it-works

      We look forward to working with you on your transfer project!



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