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Searching for a product or service online is a gamble that sometimes produces bad results. Audio transfers shouldn’t be that way. Speak House Audio Transfers is a tape to CD service you can count on.

We have been doing transfer work for over 20 years, instilling confidence in our customers that they are in the right hands.

With the multiple recording formats that have emerged over the decades, it is important  that you work with a company that has experience with the intricacies of all of them.

I don’t mean just transferring from them, but recording to them in the first place, in a real-world, professional environment.

That’s when you really understand tape and how it is meant to work.

We have been there the whole way as the industry has moved from one recording platform to another.

Cassette Tape to CD Service from 1 to 100’s


We closely monitor each and every conversion as if it were the only one happening at that time. Because it is.

Your order doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of automated machinery that no one is keeping an eye on. Every tape is handled one at a time with the supervision of an audio engineer.

Even if you have 100’s of cassettes, they will be tended to as carefully as if you only had one.

And, the more tapes you have, the greater the discount.

People have trusted us for years with their audio content. We have an archiving system that stores your project in our vaults safely and ready for you to order more copies at any time, for any reason.

Maybe you were insightful enough to get the family history down on tape. Now you have the opportunity to share your joy with other family members in a long lasting, digital format that is easy to play.

Give us a call. We’ll make another copy of your entire project or just one or two discs that you would like someone else to have. It’s your choice.

Microcassettes are Cassette Tapes, Too


Micro-cassettes were a big hit for a couple of decades. Who wanted to drag a standard cassette recorder to the school play to record the kids, or to a lecture by their favorite author?

tape to cd service-microcassettes

These little miracles sure made capturing life easy and convenient. They were also the standard in most answering machines.

You probably have some of these still around and you are curious to know what could be on them. Often times, the voice message left while you were out could be the only recording you have of a loved one.

Even if it was just to say,

“I was hoping you would be there, wanted to talk to you, sorry I missed ya”.

We have converted a lot of messages like that over the years so that our customers will never have to lose the voice of those they care about.

This also applies to cell phone messages. There still doesn’t seem to be an easy way to save your voice mail to CD. With how amazing smart phones have become, this is an area of cell phone technology that has not changed in all these years.

That’s not a problem with our service. So we can say that we are not just a tape to CD service you can count on, but a complete audio conversion opportunity for you.

Reel to Reel Tape To CD Service


We all had one, right? I’m not talking about a reel to reel machine, I’m talking about an uncle who had a reel to reel machine.


These recorders could document hours of audio to a single reel of tape. How else would we have gotten all of Christmas 1967 recorded?

Turn the tape over and what do ya know? New Year’s Eve at the Johnson’s house.

They were also used for what was known as “audio letters”.

Audio letters were a standard way of communicating in the 50’s and 60’s. If you had a loved one in the armed forces, it was a revolutionary way to keep up to date on their well-being.

Keeping them informed about family matters was as easy as pressing record, saying what’s on your mind, and dropping a tape in the mail.

Take Gary, for instance.

Gary spent 2 years overseas in the military. He bought himself a 4-track tape machine and his parents bought one as well.

Gary reiterated his days into the microphone to channel 1 and mailed the tape to Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad did the same to channel 2.

When Gary received the tape, another weeks’ worth of military protocol and barracks shenanigans went down on channel 3.

When his parents had completed channel 4, a new tape was started and the audio letters continued.


There were 74 tapes in all and we transferred each one of them to CD for Gary, nearly 50 years after they had been recorded.

He also requested 4 additional sets for each of his daughters, who had never heard grandpa’s voice due to his death shortly after Gary returned from Germany.

That is just one of the many stories we are so privileged to, not only hear, but preserve for the people to whom they mean the most.

Get ‘DAT’ Tape Out


As I mentioned earlier, analog tape to CD service is not the only transfers we specialize in.

DAT or digital audio tape is a digital format that was very popular in the 90’s and mostly used as a mastering tape.

They came in many different lengths from 16 minutes to as much as 2 hours. This was the closest thing to CD quality before recordable CD’s (CD-R’s) became popular.

Our rates for DAT conversions are the same as our affordable cassette and microcassette prices.

It Comes Down To This


For many of our customers, Speak House Audio has been in the game for as long as their audio has been captured to tape.

We don’t rely on automated machines to know what our customers want, and then just walk away and leave it unsupervised.

By talking to our customers, we learn what makes their recordings such a precious part of their story and why they will trust only us to transfer them.

Make the same choice and put your confidence in a tape to CD service you can count on.

A tape to cd service you can count on formats


  1. Mike

    This is a great service. And something that could be both time consuming and difficult if you didn’t know what you were doing or didn’t have the equipment (which is me ;-). I have considered getting some tapes transferred to CD’s. Based on your article, you will be the one I contact when I decide to do it.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Mike,

      For most people, the lack of the right equipment to play tapes and/or the expertise to do a transfer correctly prevents them from enjoying their memories.

      Unfortunately, many people don’t know that a service like this exists. They may just keep their tapes in the attic or get rid of them without the opportunity to convert them to a playable, digital format.

      Just give us a call when you are ready to have your tapes transferred to CD and we will be happy to serve you.

  2. Cambell

    I had no idea services like this existed, I have quite a few old cassettes I would like to get on CD. I also have some old video 8 cassettes, do you know if they do video tape as well? Thanks

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Cambell,

      Thanks for stopping by. It looks like you’ve found the right place to get your cassettes onto CD. If you have quite a few cassettes, we have volume discounts that will save you some money. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

      Our partners can help you with the video 8 cassettes as well. You can get there through our page here or you can go to their website directly at imemories.com.

      iMemories is the best place for video transfer service. They refer many people to us for audio transfer and we always look forward to the opportunity to return the favor. Just tell them Speak House Audio gave you the referral.

  3. Debbie

    This is so good to know! What a great resource! I will be sure and pass this along to anyone who may be looking for such a service. I personally lost my cassette tapes in Hurricane Katrina – but for those who have a collection, this is a fantastic idea.

    I was wondering the other day if they even still sell cassette tapes! I don’t see them anymore. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this topic and best of luck to you with your business!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Oh…I am so sorry to hear about losing your tapes! What a tragedy Katrina was.

      Actually, if you are looking for blank cassettes, they are still available and you can get them through Staples. I don’t know where to get pre-recorded cassettes but you can try ebay.

      Thanks for your offer to tell people about this tape to CD service. We really appreciate “word of mouth” advertising.

  4. Harold

    Great service. Didn’t know this existed for the average person. I’ll have to look at some of my old cassettes that are in storage and see if there are any I would like to transfer to CD. If I do, I’ll be in touch.


    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Harold,

      Thanks for your comment. We will take great care of your cassettes for you when you are ready to have them transferred. And don’t worry if any of them have broken tape, we can easily repair them for you. We also make this a very affordable service for the average person.


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