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Cassettes to CD for Singer-Songwriter

Cassettes to CD for Steve's story

Finding Old Gems

If you’re a singer-songwriter, there’s a good chance you have some old cassettes with your early work that you want to be transferred to CD.

That was Steve’s story.

Steve had 3 cassettes that contained songs that he had written over the years. He was looking for a company to transfer them to CD so that he could enjoy them in a digital format. Steve would set up his microphones, get the cassette rolling, and then sit down at the piano or with his acoustic guitar and “get it to tape”. Parts of the tape were recorded at one time, while other parts were recorded at many different times. This left the tapes with many songs that were at greatly different volume levels.

He Called Speak House Audio Transfers for Help

We helped Steve get just what he was looking for. We transferred each cassette to our digital platform just as they were, without trying to make any kind of adjustments on the fly. Once the tapes are in our system, we make any changes digitally. That gives us much more control over what needs to be done. It also gives us a complete overview of all the audio exactly as the client knows it to be.

Now we can see the whole picture without making hasty decisions.

Steve wanted to be able to select individual songs to play on his CDs, something that we call “tracking”. This allows you to instantly skip to any song on the CD, a great advantage over having just one long track to try and fast forward through.

After making all the necessary level adjustments and tracking each song, Steve’s three cassettes spanned across four CDs and he is another happy customer.

If you’re looking for a service to transfer your cassettes to CD, we’re here to help.

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