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Transferring Reel to Reel Tape To CD

Transferring Reel to Reel Tape To CD

Evelyn called us about transferring her reel to reel tape to CD. It is a recording of her late husband that she wanted copies of for her daughter, who had never heard her father’s voice.

Roy used his reel to reel machine to make a spiritual recording with a message about peace for future generations. The audio begins with a piano in the background as he delivers his narration over the music.

We were able to filter out some low-end rumbling and hum that was not in the frequency range of the desired audio.  Removing these unnecessary frequencies provides a great improvement to the audio. This brought a new clarity to the piano music and particularly to Roy’s voice.

Making recordings like this to reel to reel tape was a common practice in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Many people still have these tapes stored away in an attic or garage with no means of hearing them anymore. We can help you get those memories into a digital format that your whole family can enjoy.

Tape Holds Up Well

The audio on reel to reel tape sounds just as good 50 or 60 years later as it did the last time they were played. If properly stored and cared for, tape holds up very well to the test of time. The quality of the recordings that we get from around the country always amazes me.

So don’t be afraid that, because your tapes are old, they will not sound good or not have any audio left to transfer to CD. Thousands of happy customers are grateful they found us when they hear the quality of their recordings. The voices of loved ones that are long gone, the fun the family used to have in the old days, the impromptu musical performances that were a big part of many people’s lives. All of these are moments in time that will never happen that way again.

What value does that have for you?

For Evelyn, it’s priceless.

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